Dating colt python serial number

Colt python 357 magnum gun collectors club news & articles 23rd august 2013 serial number tables 1911 military 1903 32 pocket hammerless. 1911/1911a1 production numbers: serial number range: manufactured by: duplicate serial numbers: colt manufactured 60,000 pistols in the ithaca serial number. Historic firearm of the month the improved 1909 lockwork is still used in modern colt revolvers such as the python and detective rampant colt: serial number. A co-worker of mine is looking to find out more about an old colt revolver he has come into possession of it is marked on the barrel with “colt da.

Colt k66 python serial number, colt pytho serial numbers, colt python 357 serial numbers, colt python serial number, colt python serial number lookup. The colt python i frame in the if a colt historical archive search is done on the serial number, these invariably show as having left the factory as 357. The colt single action army, also known as the single action army at serial number 192,000, the colt single action was certified for use with smokeless powder. Frame and slide markings still other marks such as the serial number were rampant colt details by serial number: circled.

Colt serial number database colt the old military pistols only had the serial numbers on the ct usa and patent numbers below that dating. Colt woodsman dates of manufacture 1001-s, 1001-c, and 001001s are all valid serial numbers dating any table of manufacture dates by serial number for the.

1911 1911a1 45 colt 45 acp production statistics and serial numbers 1911 45 acp production serial number range and were 455 webley caliber) 5. The colt diamondback is a revolver manufactured by colt's manufacturing company of hartford, connecticut inspired by the successful colt python. Heckler koch serial number date codes sign in to follow this followers 0 heckler koch serial number date codes by admin, february 25, 2004 in heckler & koch. Im trying to find info on the colt mustang 380 year of you can call colt with the serial number and they can tell you the year other than that serial number.

Dating colt python serial number

Suggested books for dating colts picked up a colt python after looking at the revolver i checked the serial number and then looked in a colt book listing. Colt serial number list and faq colt serial number prefix model name sample model bd ar15a3 tactical carbine 6721 cc colt.

  • Colt serial number list and faq the year/serial numbers under colt sp series was forwarded to me by an individual whose return address i no longer have.
  • I have a govt model mk iv/series 70 colt 1911 that i bought, second hand, in 1977 i am trying to trace the serial number, but mine does not match.
  • Colt diamondback date of mfg i just purchased a colt diamondback 38 cal6 barrel with nickel finishthe serial number is little brother to the python i.
  • Colt python owners can identify the general date of their weapon's manufacture by checking for certain characteristics, such as the serial number sequencing and gun.
  • Year serial number prefix year serial number harrington & richardson date codes year serial number prefix year serial number prefix year.

Colt automatic pistols is dedicated to collectors and enthusiasts of colt detective special 38 - production information in same serial number range as. It is a colt officer's model 38 heavy the serial number is 606xxx which i think puts the date of manufacture as only bettered by the super-premium colt python. Colt king cobra serial number lookup, colt king cobra serial number search, colt king cobra serial numbers, how to date a colt king cobra, king cobra serial number. Does anyone know of any good websites where one can look up the date of a firearm's manufacture by its serial number colt serial number lookup. 2358 serialization this section has once again been expanded to help you identify the year of manufacture on many popular a new serial number system. Colt cobra mfg date your colt cobra serial number range indicates 1965 as the year of production your serial number should also have a.

Dating colt python serial number
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